Open-source projects and contributions.

I've been contributing to and working on numerous open-source projects since the early 2000s. At the age of 16, I was committing open-source code to SourceForge using CVS and later, Subversion (what the hell is that I hear you say - It was what the "cool kids" used before Git and by extension, GitHub!)

These projects and libraries that I have authored, founded, maintained, and lead are generally based on my personal requirements or grew out of a need from commercial contract projects that I worked on in the past.



Conductor is a Linux CLI utility to automate the installation of web application servers, complete with scripts and CLI commands to help deploy and manage multiple web sites, services, and applications or reverse proxy configurations on servers with ease. In addition, it automates the creation of databases, SSH deployment keys, SSL certificate provisioning (through LetsEncrypt), as well as database and filesystem backups.

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Sentora was one of my very first open-source projects, and whilst I'm not too involved with it these days, Sentora was forked following the commercial acquisition of my original ZPanel project back in 2014. Sentora is an open-source web hosting control panel that makes managing web hosting, databases, DNS, and email on Linux, BSD, and Microsoft Windows super simple!

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I build and maintain packages too; most of them I developed out of a need for functionality in my own personal or professional projects. As you'd expect, these can all be downloaded using Composer and can be found on Packagist ->


A (G)eneral (P)urpose (I)nput (O)utput library for the RaspberryPi, Use PHP to work with inputs and outputs such as buttons, switches, LED's, motors and relays.

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A library to query airport METAR (Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report) information.

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A PHP library for executing system processes and applications with the ability to pass extra arguments and read CLI output results.

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A library that enables developers to easily access, present, and manipulate user avatars in their applications.

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.a handful of other libraries, API clients, and other bits 'n' bobs can be found over on my GitHub profile!