Hi there, I'm Bobby Allen.

I've been making computers do things for over 20 years!

I have a passion for software engineering, and since a child, I have built and designed various types of programs and web applications/services in a variety of languages (starting at a young age with BASIC on a second-hand Amstrad CPC 464) all of which have been used by millions of people all around the world.

I'm a proud member of the Linux Foundation and an advocate and user of open-source software!

My professional career has seen me work in IT across several sectors, including government, insurance, global shipping, and, more recently, in my current role within the ISP and telecoms sector. I have held numerous roles within networks, hardware and software engineering, cloud services, leadership, and IT/software consultancy.

In my spare time and as an advocate of open-source software I develop, lead, and work on several widely used projects, many of which I continue to be involved with for more than ten years now.

When I'm not coding or building out my home lab, I enjoy travelling, photography, good food, and listening to various genres of music.