Bobby Allen

aka ballen / bobsta63

Bobby Allen


I'm Bobby Allen, a software engineer and ‘full stack’ web developer from Ipswich, England.

With over ten years’ experience, I mainly specialise in PHP but I'm also fond of and develop with C#, Python and Ruby too! My primary interest is in back-end development, server management and APIs.

I develop, lead and work on many widely used open source projects in my spare time, many of which I have been involved with for more than ten years now, these include Sentora, ZPanel, Xcaler and LRM.

Authored open source projects

  • Sentora - An open source web hosting control panel for *NIX (was forked/born following the commercial acquisition of ZPanel).
  • ZPanel - An open source web hosting control panel for *NIX, BSD and Microsoft Windows written in PHP.
  • Xcaler (WIP) - A load-balancer and reverse-proxy management system for Linux, UNIX and BSD based servers providing users with the ability to horizontally scale their web applications, sites and APIs.
  • LRM (Landing Rate Monitor) - A Microsoft Windows based C# application designed to capture (FSX / Prepar3d) aircraft vertical speed on landing (in FPM).
  • Turbine - A reverse proxy and network load-balancer management panel (with RESTful API) utilising the power of Nginx's proxy features (This is in the process of being replaced by Xcaler).

Authored and maintained libraries

  • Distical - A library for calculating the distance between two or more latitude/longitude coordinates.
  • Gravel - A library enabling developers easy access, presentation and manipulation of user avatars in their applications.
  • Linguist - A library designed to extract and manipulate prefixed words in content ideal for working with @mentions, #topics and even custom action tags!
  • Executioner - A PHP library for executing system processes and applications with the ability to pass extra arguments and read CLI output results.
  • Plexity - A password complexity checker and enforcement library for PHP.
  • Metar - A library to query airport METAR (Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report) information.
  • Sluginator - A URL slug creation and sanitisation library.
  • ...and a handful of other libraries, API clients and other bits 'n' bobs can be found over on my GitHub profile!

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